Primed for all-out bashing performance, the NERO 6S will put you in full control of a 1/8 scale 4WD Monster Truck that is built for terrain ripping action.

Designed from the ground up as a high-performance 6S LiPo-ready beast, eye-watering speed and super-rugged multi-terrain performance are standard.

Shattering the mold for Monster Truck looks from the first time you see it, the NERO 6S looks mean from all angles. The supplied super-detailed pre-cut and pre-painted Polycarbonate body shell is adorned with high-detail decals. Leave your mark when you roll through the local bashing spot with unique ARRMA looks that scream speed and durability.

Ripping up any environment is simple when you pilot the NERO 6S. From the first time you pull the trigger, you will understand why we chose the equipped BLX200 brushless waterproof power system to launch your NERO 6S beyond 60mph, with option gearing fitted. Attack dirt, sand, gravel, mud, grass, snow, asphalt and rocks with the awesome handling and reliability of this 1/8 scale beast.

The NERO 6S looks fast, even when it is stood still.

Our specially designed super-cab truck body shape provides an aggressive look and advanced vehicle protection when you go bigger and harder than other lesser Monster Trucks.

Wide and stable with beefy all-terrain wheels and tires, the NERO 6S can handle repeated punishment and shake off the roughest collisions, making you a bashing king, as you deliver 6S LiPo power and precision control. A specially designed exoskeleton and twin vertical plate chassis center spine provide a rock solid foundation. Crafted from super-tough composite and premium red anodized aluminum, strength and rigidity are engineered into the NERO 6S as standard.

The upper roll hoops help protect your body shell from collision damage when you push harder than ever before. The twin vertical red anodized aluminum chassis plates (TVPs) create unrivaled rigidity, whilst providing lightweight structural support and Pro ARRMA looks.

Super-plush 16mm red anodized aluminum shocks soak up the roughest terrains. The super-efficient lay-down design makes handling the awesome power of the NERO 6S a controlled and consistent task. Oil-filled and equipped with protective shock boots to help keep out dirt and water when you blast through extreme conditions, these high-quality units are adjustable to help you create the perfect handling characteristics for any situation.

The NERO 6S suspension package will help you land the big jumps, rip through powerful drifts, eat-up the most extreme rock faces, and lay down the BLX Brushless power like never before. The long-travel suspension set-up allows more stability, more aggression on extreme surfaces, and more traction when you have the throttle down.

Pivot ball suspension gives you instant steering response, fast recovery from rough surface bashing, and keeps you in control as you launch the NERO 6S into huge challenges.

Beefy front steering hubs are manufactured from super-tough composite material. This helps spread the strain when you take big hits. Double suspension arms and durable steel linkage rods complete a specification that is designed to provide ultimate control and terrain commanding strength. Large diameter hybrid steel and red anodized aluminum drive shafts help create a super-reliable 4WD driveline. Super-durable steel universal joints are teamed with telescopic slider internal shaft sections, meaning the NERO 6S can take full advantage of the long-travel suspension set-up, whilst ripping the power down.

Equipped with rubber drive shaft boots to help protect against dirt and water, these units are built for punishment.

The inner steel telescopic shaft operates with a key-type design, meaning the 6S LiPo power is transferred efficiently, in all four driving modes. This design also allows for super smooth slider action, meaning your suspension can reach full articulation without losing forward drive. Head-turning style and big bold ARRMA substance. The NERO 6S stands out from the crowd at any RC occasion. Wow your friends with this super-tough and super-capable beast, manufactured from super-tough composite and steel.


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