• Martial Arts: The Card Game

Martial Arts: The Card Game is a customizable card game that uses actual martial art techniques and philosophies in creating a unique first-person experience in your card battles. Each box contains four pre-constructed decks, and each deck combines one or more martial arts to create a playstyle that represents a single distinct fighting style.

You can mix and match cards from different decks and styles to customize your fighting style to suit your own preference. Included for this purpose is the Sparring Pack: a collection of individual cards not seen in any of the other decks.

Modes of play included in the box are Normal (1v1, last man standing; legal moves only, no weapons), Anything Goes (1v1 which allows weapons and illegal moves), and Army of One (1v9, hero versus gang boss and his thugs).

The four 54-card decks in Martial Arts: The Card Game are:

  • King of the Ring - Boxing
  • Master of 8 Limbs - Muay Thai
  • Ume and the Blade - Aikido, Okinawan Karate, Katana (weapon)
  • Enter the Phoenix - Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Butterfly Swords (weapon)

Martial Arts: The Card Game

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